Everything is interconnected.  Everything is Energy!  To become aware of the energetic patterns we are running and then shift them, opens up the space to create a new reality. A combination of insight, questions, play, imagination, and creation will help you Awaken and/or Magnify Your Roar in each Jylliciously inspired session. You can trust that the right thing for your Highest Good will come through each and every time!

Healing Sessions are conducted via Skype or Facebook Messenger and are 50 minutes in length.

Channeled Readings, Oracle Card, and Auracle Healing Card Readings are sent via Email.

Intuitive Coaching is conducted via Skype, Facebook Messenger, Email, and/or Whatsapp.

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To begin, we discuss what you feel is holding you back or any specific issues you want to address. I will receive Intuition, Information and/or Images given to me by Spirit Guides and Angelic Beings to hone in on the stuck energy or unhealthy patterns.  During a Jyllicious™ Intuitive Energy Healing session unhealthy or unuseful things will be shifted, removed and/or transformed.

$100.00 USD

Each Crystal has specific properties and energies to aid in Healing.  Crystals are amazing and fun to work with!  To begin, you will lie down in a comfortable place. Let me know if you have something specific you want to work on.  Otherwise, I will tune into my Intuition and Spirit Guides to find out which crystals will be used to assist in releasing stuck energy and to shift, remove or transform unhealthy patterns.  While there are certain Crystals used for certain things (chakras, grounding, etc.), during a Jyllicious™ Crystal Healing, intuition is largely used to discern which crystals are specifically needed for you to have the Highest and Best experience.

$100.00 USD

Channeled Reading is when my Guides, Your Guides or another Spirit Guide or Angelic Being speaks to you through me.  The intuition or information flows in and I write it down.  A Jyllicious™ Channeled Reading is not limited to only words.  Often there is an Energy Healing or Visualization given.  Sometimes homework is given!

$100.00 USD

I was introduced to Leslie Sloane’s Auracle Healing Energy Cards in 2015 and absolutely love them!!  They were instrumental, along with additional healing modalities, to obliterate a physical health issue that I was having.  The cards have an image on one side and a Mandala on the other. Each card is encoded with energy, vibrations, invocations, musical notes and Sacred Geometries. Each card will awaken you to new discoveries, insight, and vibration of love and healing.  You will receive photos of the cards used, where cards were placed, as well as a detailed intuitive reading via email.

$100.00 USD

Oracle cards are amazing ways to get information.  By pulling a card, insight into the issue or question can be gained.  I use a variety of decks.  For your Jyllicious™ Oracle Card Reading, I will intuit which deck(s) would best serve you and pull cards (as many as necessary) from them.  Intuition helps me interpret the cards.  Your reading is typed up and emailed to you and includes photos of the cards pulled.

The decks I currently use are Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters.  Colette Baron-Reid’s The Wisdom of Avalon.  Pam Grout and Colette Baron-Reid’s The Oracle of E.  Cheryl Lee’s Path of the Soul Destiny Cards (Fractal Energy Art cards).  Steven D. Farmer’s Power Animal Oracle Cards.  Denise Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards.  Brian Froud’s The Faeries Oracle.

$50.00 USD

Do you want to make some big changes in your life but aren’t sure where to start?  Do you need help setting goals and intentions or working through a problem?  Do you know you have something in your way but not sure what it is?  Do you need extra and consistent insight while figuring things out?  If so, Intuitive Coaching is perfect for you!

Each week you will receive either a 30-Minute Healing Session or a Channeled Reading/Healing. During the rest of the week, we will work together via email or Whatsapp messaging.  I work with where you are energetically and what you need at this time.  I will utilize everything in my Jyllicious™ Healing Modalities bag of tricks to provide a very specialized and individualized experience.  We will clear blocks, shift patterns, heal and release stuff, as well as create the future.

After a month of Intuitive Coaching, you will have clarity on what you are doing and where you want to go.  You will enjoy a shift in your vibration and begin noticing (and shunning) old behaviors and patterns quickly. You will feel empowered and that you are making progress towards your goals.  Are you ready to ROAR?!!!

$550.00 USD

Happy Clients!

"Aside from being just ridiculously fun, (which is not ALWAYS the case with energy healers), Jyll is one of the most intuitive and creative people I’ve ever met and one of the most effective healers. I came to her wanting to clear some money blocks, and boy did I clear them! Within two weeks of her session, I received not one but TWO Christmas bonuses from work and had a major marketing opportunity drop into my lap. Most importantly, Jyll works with who YOU are, not just as a spiritual guide. She uses her creativity to work WITH you and empowers you to instantly develop your own tools to make real and lasting changes in your life. I am going to need a monthly dose of Jyll, for sure!"

Sheila Gallien

Hawaii, USA

"Jyll carried out a channeled reading/healing for me a few weeks ago. The report she sent me resonated deeply with me – so accurate! I greatly appreciated the practical actions she encouraged me to take. Since then I’ve been putting Jyll’s suggestions into action, and my life and business are really beginning to flow. I’ve been able to use Jyll’s advice to reframe and refine my approach, which is reaping me huge dividends in my personal energy and my enthusiasm for my business. It is fascinating to reread her report and see what has already come to pass.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next! I highly recommend Jyll’s work. She will help you find your roar!"


Wellington, New Zealand

"Jyll sent me a channeled meditation for pain relief and I used this meditation daily for two weeks. During that time, I kept a journal of my progress. At first, I was happy with the slight changes I was feeling, then, after the first week, everything accelerated. Ten days into the meditation experience, I felt as if the pain in my lower back had been reduced by 80%. The lung congestion that had plagued me for over two months was 95% gone. Since that time, whenever I feel the pain returning or something new popping up, I resume the pain relief meditation and quickly return to normal, or at the least, close to normal. Jyll has a strong connection with her Guides and her Guides get right to the business of healing. I'm grateful for Jyll's generosity in sharing her gift. Because of Jyll, I'm able to move around, hike, play tennis, and do basic everyday tasks without wondering if I'll make my pain worse. I feel as if I've been released from the prison of my pain. Thank you, Jyll!"

Betty Dietz

California, USA

"Jyll channeled a positive writing exercise from one of her Guides and I found it to be exceedingly helpful, healing, and informative. The work I did with Jyll and her guides helped me to change my focus and feelings so that I was paying attention to what I wanted instead of focusing on what was hurting so much.  I highly recommend working with Jyll for healing and channeled assistance. She and her guides are phenomenal."

Angela U.

Alabama, USA

"In the mid-summer of 2015 I suffered an uncharacteristic crisis of confidence.  I am a professional pet sitter and was tasked with the care of two very frightened, unsocialized Shih Tzu adult siblings in a giant beach house. They ran in terror as soon as I entered the house, as predicted by their family. My dog handling skills enabled me to track food and elimination but it was going to be a long week for all of us without a positive emotional connection.  My burgeoning acceptance of my animal communication skills was not enough. I consulted with Jyll and she did an automatic writing channeling session for me to tackle this problem.  Success!  Her Guides helped me realize to persist, that I was on the right track and gave me a specific action plan to bolster my confidence.  My very next visit resulted in positive interaction including going outside with me and by the next visit both approached me so I could pet them!  Their family was amazed and gratified when they returned, but no more than me!  Jyll provided positive, supportive guidance and helped guide me to the next level!"

Laura Z.


"I was recently blessed with a channeled reading by Jyll Hoyrup.  I have been in quite a crisis physically, spiritually and emotionally the last few years.  Jyll has always been there for me.  This reading was integral in getting my hopes up again.  I am a positive person but sometimes things in life make you lose hope.  This was confirming what I knew, that life was going to get better.  This was several months ago and things are definitely looking up and following along with what her Guide told me.  There was some information in there for my children as well that made my soul smile.  I think if you can get outside encouragement it helps completely.  This was positive for I will be getting another reading soon!  If you need some guidance or confirmation, I wholeheartedly suggest getting a channeled reading with Jyll."

Crystal Mitchell

Playa del Carmen, Mexico