During Energy Healing, I help people discover the underlying energy patterns that keep them from living the life they want.  Using a unique style of assimilating information and energetic insight, I help you drill down into the underlying sources of discomfort, find out what the issues are and energetically shift and remove them.  This allows you the opportunity to MAGNIFY YOUR ROAR!

Are old patterns and beliefs keeping you stuck?
Are you always dating the same type of person?  Are you always passed up for the promotions at work?
Do you have recurring situations in life that bring out the same theme over and over?  Do you still get triggered by your family and the way you interact with them?

Do you feel like there is Something MORE for your life but you just can’t grasp what it is?
Do you feel like the Real You is bursting at the seams to come out and play?  Do you feel you have something to offer the world but you aren’t sure what it is?  Do you feel you aren’t living up to your full potential?

Are you close to a breakthrough but need a little extra support?
Are you on a path and know where you want to go but aren’t quite sure how to get there?  Do you feel like there is something holding you back and keeping you stuck?  Do you “do the work” but not get the results you desire?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you are probably running an energetic pattern that is blocking you from the life you deserve to live.  I am passionate about helping others transform their life by simply becoming aware of what isn’t working on an energetic level.  Releasing old beliefs and patterns is key!  I will teach you how to tap into your own intuition, trust it, and live by it.  I will teach you some easy energy tools and techniques that you can use on a daily basis to continue moving in the direction you want to go.  I can help you create the life you want to live by releasing what is no longer useful and infusing the new intention and desire.  With Intuitive Healing, making changes doesn’t have to be hard, it can be fast and Fun!

What people are saying...

"Aside from being just ridiculously fun, (which is not ALWAYS the case with energy healers), Jyll is one of the most intuitive and creative people I’ve ever met and one of the most effective healers. I came to her wanting to clear some money blocks, and boy did I clear them! Within two weeks of her session, I received not one but TWO Christmas bonuses from work and had a major marketing opportunity drop into my lap. Most importantly, Jyll works with who YOU are, not just as a spiritual guide. She uses her creativity to work WITH you and empowers you to instantly develop your own tools to make real and lasting changes in your life. I am going to need a monthly dose of Jyll, for sure!"

Sheila Gallien

Hawaii, USA

"I just had the most wonderfully healing session with Jyll. It was so nice to be with an energy worker who really listens and doesn't rush me to shift. When I wasn't ready for a shift, she came at my issue from another angle. The problem still got solved but in a way that wasn't as scary for me. He methods are kind and gentle yet more effective than I've seen in a long time. After just one session, my life has made a complete 180. I'm less fearful, more confident, and owning my power. Thanks, Jyll! I'll definitely be back!"

Beth Bunchman

Colorado, USA

"I had a truly transformative channeled healing and email reading with Jyll around releasing fears and starting my own business and living in my soul’s purpose. I loved that the reading celebrated my growth to date and provided insight into what was next. I reread Jyll’s reading several times and it deeply resonated.  I also came back to it a few days later and realized I had missed a key component to the reading around shedding layers that no longer serve me. It was as though I refused to see it, and yet through Jyll’s healing abilities, I was able to see it clearly when I was ready to ingest and embody it.  I felt so light, so free, and deeply understood my goals are well within my reach.  I also loved how she provided a couple exercises to exponentially propel me forward.  I am moving at lightning speed through my fears, dropping long held beliefs, and moving toward my dreams of living my soul purpose. I highly recommend Jyll’s services.  She is highly intuitive, heart-centered and incredibly talented.”

Cheryl R.


Working with Jyll is so great!  First of all, she is so fun and unique in her approach!  Secondly, she really helps you tap into your intuition and develop it in a fun way.  Her channeled readings have given me clarity and guidance in what to do.  I love working with Jyll and have grown quite a lot since mentoring with her.

Marissa K.

South Carolina, USA

"I received a crystal healing from Jyll via phone during the summer of 2014. I wasn't sure how well it would work over the phone but I was pleasantly surprised as I could actually feel the parts of my body that she was working on vibrating! After the session, I found myself feeling clearer about some decisions regarding my living situation as my energy was flowing more cleanly. She even saw me living with a dog at a time that I did not have a pet...then a few weeks later, I moved into a place with a dog! I would recommend this kind of healing to anyone who is feeling stuck and indecisive in any way. I would definitely try this again."


San Diego, California, USA

"ROAR!!!  Since mentoring with Jyll for a year I have improved my Intuition and connection with Animals.  She has helped me face my fears and move forward in life with gratitude!"


Toronto, Canada

"When I went in for an energy and crystal reading with Jyll this was my first experience with this form of therapy.  I didn't know what to expect.  From the moment I walked in, Jyll was professional, told me exactly what she was going to do, filled out a medical history, and felt like I was in a safe environment.  I believe in holistic healing and was amazed at the session.  She was able to identify my areas of pain, stress, and set me at ease.  I felt a difference after just one session.  I highly recommend Jyll as an energy healer."

Brandi O.


“Jyll channeled a positive writing exercise from one of her Guides and I found it to be exceedingly helpful, healing, and informative. The work I did with Jyll and her guides helped me to change my focus and feelings so that I was paying attention to what I wanted instead of focusing on what was hurting so much.  I highly recommend working with Jyll for healing and channeled assistance. She and her guides are phenomenal.”

Angela U.

Alabama, USA

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